Do you know your natives?

Think you know your native Washington plants? Prove it to us and you can win a free native plant from our nursery!

This week, from April 24-30, is Native Plant Appreciation Weekin Washington. At Oxbow, we love native plants. Our Native Plant Nursery is committed to producing them and studying how they grow. Propagating, planting, and raising awareness about the importance of native species is an important part our mission to promote responsible land use.

Native plants are hugely important players in our local ecosystems, and you can incorporate them into all types of landscapes, from large formal gardens to small backyard spaces. Native plants provide habitat for native animals and forage for native pollinators, contribute to biodiversity, and help keep invasive species at bay.

Do you love native species too? We’d love to see what you know! Enter our “Know Your Natives” contest and you could win a free native plant from our Native Plant Nursery.


Can you identify the five species below based on a picture and a clue? Send in your answers to by Sunday, May 1, with the subject “Know Your Natives.” If you’re among the three top finishers, you can win a free plant from our nursery!


We ask kindly that you not consult the internet or any field guides in your efforts to identify. We’d like to test what you know, not what you can find. You can consult with another human being.

Plant #1

Plant #2

Plant #3

Plant #4

Plant #5