Know Your Natives…revealed!

Many thanks to those of you who participated in our Know Your Natives contest a few weeks ago. We had several submissions and a FEW folks who were able to claim a free native plant at our sale this past weekend.

For those of you who did participate, here are the answers to the questions:



2015-04-24 13.15.26

The mousetail in the cones of this tree is an easy way to identify it.


ANSWER: Douglas-fir



The seeds of this delicate forest understory plant are sometimes distributed by ants, who are attracted to a small but nutritious bit of fat attached to them


ANSWER: Bleeding Heart



The young leaves of this plant are soft, tender and edible, though you would never want to eat the older leaves


ANSWER: Oregon grape



The fruits of this plant are extremely high in vitamin C, good for a cold-season tea


ANSWER: Nootka rose



The berries of this plant were used for fish bait, it is often seen growing on decaying wood


ANSWER: Red huckleberry