Meet Pat

Pat has been a flexible, steady, and creative force at Oxbow since March of 2014.  He is a man of many talents — equally as comfortable leading groups of all sizes and ages as he is behind the scenes, shining the spotlight on the work we do here.

He first joined us as OxEd’s first program assistant. In that role, he helped us grow OxEd programming, delivering programs to close to 3,500 children that year compared to 2,000 in the year prior to his arrival. Reflecting his impressive productivity and creative capacity, while delivering OxEd programming, Pat also helped Oxbow expand its social media presence in fun and clever ways. Unbeknownst to him, Pat was setting himself up to move Oxbow forward in so many important ways!

In April of 2015 Pat took on Oxbow’s first-ever formal communications position. Pat has helped us to create a viable communications and marketing function that now serves all parts of the organization effectively.  Each of our programming areas benefits from Pat’s keen eye and fun-loving spirit.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts to get a look at Oxbow through Pat’s eyes.


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