Meet the crew: Travis

We are thanking our lucky stars that Travis Dunlap is at the helm, delivering all of our OxBoxes across King County this season. Travis has both delivery and grocery experience, which means he knows our industry as well as how to navigate the mean streets of downtown Seattle!  In the month that he has been on the job at Oxbow, Travis has displayed excellent judgment, professionalism and a relentlessly positive attitude.

Travis and his wife have two daughters, eight and eleven, and live in Renton. He hits the road at the crack of dawn to beat traffic and helps out in the wash station before it’s time to load the delivery van.  Travis and his family love to go on outdoor adventures and have camped all around Washington.

Travis says:

“I am excited to be working for a place that cares so much about the land, the environment, and people in the community.”

We are happy to cover his Sunday route so that Travis can enjoy a Father’s Day excursion with his sweet family, and we are so grateful to them for sharing him with us four days a week!  We are confident that Travis is ready for Main Season deliveries, when box loads will quadruple in quantity and our perishable product requires the utmost care.


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