More beets?

As a member of a traditional Farmer’s Choice CSA model like ours, you invest in a share of what is produced. Your farm, your food, after all! Each and every year, some crops produce in abundance while others fall flat. This year is no different and, honestly, we are just as surprised as you are that we are struggling to keep beets out of your CSA shares!

It’s hard to remember the last time we produced such consistently beautiful beets.  The chenopods that we grow — beets and chard — are susceptible to several diseases and often succumb to pest pressure when they are young and tender.  We currently are harvesting from all three successions of beets for different purposes — one succession with nice greens for bunching, one succession with too many weeds but BIG roots for bulk, and the last succession for the tender little baby beets that desperately need to be thinned so we can have beets (fingers crossed) well into winter.

Last week’s baby golden beets and this week’s baby red beets are as much for the young greens as they are for the easy-to-prepare little roots.  We celebrate 2016 as the year of the beautiful beets, and hope that you are enjoying them fully or learning to enjoy them at least a little more if they’re not your favorite.


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