Onions, at long last

In the six weeks since our last onion update, they have grown to the baby stage and are ready for bunching! The baby Walla Walla onions on tap for Week 2 were not part of our original field plan, but we had thousands of extra starts that we didn’t want to go to waste! So we made some creative space for them.

Sometimes additional plantings don’t pan out (we’re looking at you, failed spring arugula!), but in this case we hit a home run. We planted rows of onions at half the normal spacing, and put them in wherever we could find a spot where their growth wouldn’t impact the crop originally planned for that space. We planted them down the middle of our first succession of green beans, and now we’re pulling up the onions just a couple of weeks in advance of our anticipated first green bean harvest.  They also occupied space designated for later successions of lettuce. Now that it is mid-July, the lettuce is sown and will need field space soon, so it’s time to get the onions up and out of there!

These baby onions are a current farmer favorite on the grill.  They are delicious and sweet! The onions we did plan for are sizing up nicely so there is lots more sweetness to look forward to this season!


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