Our feral orchard

The apple, pear, plum, and even peach trees in our small orchard have really grown up over the years. We have about 30 trees producing fruit now, certainly a sizable amount, but not enough to fully carry a 700-member CSA, week-in and week-out.

We have aspirations to be better orchardists. Hopefully we will get there soon. This past winter, the trees got their first real pruning in years, and we have seen stronger yields and healthier trees this season as a result. We are also developing a map as we piece together the information we can find about our trees.

Still, because the fruit does not all ripen together, it can be tough to guarantee a consistent supply for all of our members at once. A few days last week missed out on orchard fruit. Of course, we keep track of when we need to make substitutions, so we will be sure to get the next harvest into the boxes that we missed the first time around.


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