Parsley, the powerhouse

Last week, we sowed all of our 2016 parsley, an entire half-acre, and it’s on its way to germination as you read this!

Parsley is one of our all-time favorite crops to cultivate. It is incredibly hardy, able to withstand multiple cuttings and near-freezing fall temperatures, so our half-acre will offer a continual harvest from summer straight through the fall and, actually, even into next spring. Because parsley is a biennial, its life cycle isn’t up until a year from now — our last harvest of 2015’s parsley wasn’t until April 1st of this year.

Crops like parsley that keep going and going are a blessing for farmers because all of our investments, including seed, labor time, and field real estate, are stretched further.

Our CSA members always see a lot of parsley! It is multi-purpose in your kitchen — an herb, a salad green, blended in a sauce or stuffed into ravioli.  Check out this feature from Sunset Magazine for inspiration.

Coincidentally, friend-of-the-farm, the amazingly talented Brittany Wright is featured in the upcoming June issue of Sunset! Follow her Oxbow adventures on Instagram.


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