Staying ahead of the season

While you wait patiently for the CSA season to begin and for food to start flowing to you from the farm, you’ll be happy to know that things are humming along here as planned, despite the unseasonal heat of the last week.

Do you remember the surprise sowing of radishes and arugula we told you about two weeks ago? Both have germinated well, have been weeded and irrigated, and are now growing under the protection of row cover to keep them safe from hungry flea beetles, who hatched in full force last week. Must be that time of year!

To ensure an ongoing harvest of these staples, we use a technique called “succession planting,” where we start the same crop multiple times, several weeks apart.  First successions of carrots, kale, chard, collards, lettuce, and beets are all underway. We’ve even begun some second successions and have more planned to ensure an ongoing harvest of your favorites throughout the season.

We’re capturing interesting moments this season and sharing them here to help you learn where your food comes from. Follow Story of a Season on our blog or on Instagram with #storyofaseason.