Strawberry fields (but not forever)

Guess what? Our strawberries are flowering in profusion! This is great news, because it means they soon will be fruiting in profusion!

Strawberries are the one-and-only perennial crop that we grow in our production fields (the perennial herbs we already wrote about are in a small patch adjacent to the Kids’ Farm). Typically, we keep strawberries in production for three years and those we are cultivating now are in their third season, meaning this will be our last harvest. In California, where most US-grown strawberries are from, they treat strawberries as an annual crop – one season and done.

We had an incredible strawberry crop last season and are hoping for another bumper year. Part of the reason we added our Early Season was so that strawberries would be available to our CSA members when they’re at their peak. Last year, our berries were on the wane by the time the CSA began in mid-June. This year, we hope to have lots of them to offer.

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