Meet the crew: Tino and Yolanda

If you have been an Oxbow CSA member for any length of time, you have likely already been introduced to the powerhouse husband and wife team of Tino and Yolanda Hernandez.  Originally from a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico, Tino and Yolanda are model hard workers and the anchors of our field crew.

As longtime Oxbow veterans and year-round employees, Tino and Yolanda are broadly skilled and knowledgeable. They are capable with every task from prop house seeding to field work to washing and packing. Tino is a go-to tractor operator who helps execute our complicated fertility plan, prepares beds for planting, and cultivates crops in various ways.  Thank goodness he drives laser-beam straight!

At this point in the season, Yolanda spends much of her time training new crew members on how to harvest the Oxbow way. We strive for consistent bunch sizes and quality judgments, and Yolanda’s product is our gold standard.  While in teaching mode, she takes the proper time for demonstration and feedback, but when left on her own, her years of practice show up in her speed, efficiency, and consistency.

As in any other business, nothing is more valuable in our operation than capable, reliable employees. We are so fortunate that Tino and Yolanda dedicate their time and expertise to growing your food, and encourage you to think about them as you enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of their hard work this season.


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