Can I make a substitution in my box?

As much as we understand the want to customize your box, there are a few reasons why we unfortunately aren’t able to make individual substitutions.

We build your Farmer’s Choice share each week with a diverse assortment of the freshest produce that can be grown in our region. Keeping a steady supply of fresh food flowing from our fields takes a lot of careful planning! Each head of lettuce you pull out of your box began its story many months ago, when we built our crop plan, bought our seeds, and scheduled our sowings so that that very head of lettuce is available for you at just the right time (as weather allows, of course!).

Our crop diversity is designed to both satisfy our members and keep our fields healthy under our crop rotation plan. Crop rotation is a strategy organic farmers use to manage pest pressure and soil nutrients in a way that preserves biodiversity and reduces fertilizer and pesticide applications. You can read more about our rotation plan here.

In the weekly Eater’s Digest and on our website, we offer recipes and information on the veggies in your share so you’ll learn about how to use your produce in creative ways. Odds are, you can find a way to enjoy anything you find in your box. If not, we encourage you to share your food with your community in the true spirit of Community Supported Agriculture.

For more information about our Community Supported Agriculture program, visit our members page or see our CSA FAQs.