Get your Thyme and Season soup and spice mixes through our CSA

We are pleased to announce that soup and seasoning mixes from local producer Thyme and Season will be available for purchase all season long through our CSA.

Thyme and Season produces soup and seasoning mixes for dips, cheeses, meatloaf, and hummus. According to Thyme and Season’s website, the company strives “to source the most local and highest quality ingredients to produce our products for you, and if we can get some kudos for being thoughtful of others and the environment in our decisions than that is what makes this all worth while, this is our mission.”

Thyme and Season’s products will be available for purchase week-by-week. There is no whole season share available at this time.

Thyme and Season is an Issaquah-based producer run by a husband and wife. It traces its roots to Richmond, B.C., where Ella Mae Durkee began producing jams, jellies, and syrups for her business, Sugar Plum Fancies. In 2009, Ella Mae’s grandson and his then-girlfriend (now wife), Garret and Kaitlin, took over the business, changed it’s name, and set up shop in Issaquah.

The CSA starts in two weeks. You can sign up here. Thyme and Season’s products are available for browsing here.

Check out Thyme and Season‘s website for more information about their history and products.

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