Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past 10 years, this idea has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Contributions are one way to use your individual power of generosity to support our work and mission.

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Help Strengthen Climate Resilience

Your support directly impacts our research and restoration projects

In 2022, Oxbow’s Conservation Team began a multi-year project in hopes of understanding which tree varieties are better adapted to thrive long-term in the face of climate change. In the riparian areas alongside the Snoqualmie River, our team has been removing invasive species and planting and comparing maple and cedar species from seeds collected here in Washington beside seeds from Oregon and California where trees are already experiencing hotter, drier summers. Donations are one way to use your individual power of generosity to support conservation projects like this and others including amphibian monitoring, reed canarygrass suppression experiments, and restoration at Oxbow and beyond.

Other ways to help strengthen climate resiliency

  • Plant a pollinator-friendly native plant (or dozen)!
  • Join one of Oxbow’s Conservation Work Parties on the second Saturday of every month
  • Build a bat house, bird house, or “bee hotel” for your home, school, or local green space
  • Text 3 friends and family members to tell them about Giving Tuesday

Inspire future stewards of the Earth

Your support helps young learners create connection to, curiosity about, and confidence in nature

In 2022, Oxbow welcomed over 3,500 school-aged children to our outdoor, experiential, and environmental science-based Educational Programs. Students planted seeds, tended to garden beds, explored trails and animal tracks, and harvested tasty fruits and veggies. They opened all 5 senses to life on our farm—forming healthier and more balanced relationships with the land and all beings, big and small.

Correlational and experimental research shows that kids and adults benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from interacting with nature.* Donations are one way to use your individual power of generosity to help us continue to inspire learners to venture outdoors and connect with the wisdom of nature.

Other ways to encourage outdoor exploration

  • Leave a great online review for an outdoor organization, park, or playground you love
  • Explore and share your observations of the natual world with the iNaturalist social network
  • Open a gear-lending library so kids can access weather-appropriate clothing

Help nourish your neighbors in need

Your support provides our community with access to fresh, organic food

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, sustainably-grown food. By partnering with hunger relief organizations in our community, we have donated nutritious, organic vegetables throughout the growing season. So far, in 2022, we’ve donated roughly 15,500 lbs. of produce to Seattle-area partners operating food banks, community kitchens, and beyond.

But we can’t do it alone. The cost of seeds, care, labor, packing, and delivering donated veggies averages about $82 a day, so in order to continue supporting partners like Hopelink, FareStart, and Jewish Family Services, we need your help. Any contribution you can make, big or little, helps our community and us to continue to thrive, grow, and share the goods and love.

Other ways to give

  • Fill your community fridge or organize a pop-up free grocery store

  • Make an extra lunch while you make your own

  • Check with your local shelter or food pantry to see how you can help

  • Volunteer for gleaning with one of our food access partners

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

The way that we share can look a little different to everyone. For some, it might include donating to nonprofits like Oxbow— we’re so grateful for your donations, no matter the size! But there are so many ways to demonstrate environmental and community care. Here are even more ways you can make a difference:


Show Gratitude for Farmers, Educators, and Environmentalists

  • If you’re lucky enough to know your local farmers or see them while shopping at a farm stand or picking up your CSA, say hello!
  • Sing the praises of the crunchiest carrot you’ve ever eaten, tell them what you’ve been cooking
  • Write thank-you notes to your instructors/heroes/mentors. Sometimes a kind word is all you need to start a chain of generosity that lasts throughout the day


Use your voice to help others

  • Post messages from a favorite nonprofit on social media
  • Contact your elected officials in support of fair policies and funding for environmental efforts
  • Encourage your friends and family to give back

Share Your Generosity!

Share how you’ve been giving back on social media with hashtag #GivingTuesday and inspire others to give together even when we’re apart.

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