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Learn from Oxbow Experts through our Digital Classroom, a collection of videos and other multimedia opportunities to help keep you connected to Oxbow! Check back frequently for upcoming events, webinars, tours, and highlights from our talented team of farmers, educators, and scientists!

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Get cooking with Oxbow!

(Three Part Dual Language Series)

Want to learn to cook with Oxbow? Below are video links and ingredients lists for the first two recipes: Energy Bites and Kale Salad with Dressing. (Our third lesson, Microwave Breakfast Challenge is coming soon!)

Part 1: Energy Bites

Theme: “Seeds and fruits are energy packed gifts from plants!”

Download a PDF of the Energy Bites recipe

Watch the full video here >> Energy Bites Cooking Lesson




Part 2: Kale Salad and Dressing

Theme: “Celebrating Kale as Seasons Change”

Download a PDF of the Kale Salad and Dressing recipe

Watch the full video here >> Kale Salad Cooking Lesson


Part 3: Microwave Breakfast Scramble

Theme: “Both chickens and humans need a variety of food sources in their diet to be healthy and happy.”

Download a PDF of the Breakfast Scramble recipe

Watch the full video here >> Microwave Egg Scramble






Seasonal Wreath Making

Friday, December 17

Interested in making a wreath this Winter? Learn some mindful foraging and wreath-making tips from Oxbow to enjoy a celebration of seasonality year-round! >>Watch the video here


In the Oxbow Orchard

Friday, December 4

Join Farmer Hallie (and her bee friend) in the Oxbow Orchard for a story about the bee’s favorite flower’s surprising transformation! >>Watch the video here

Rozette Potato Harvest

Friday, November 20

Farmer Shannon uncovers tuber treasures grown from TRUE potato seeds with a very special Makah Tribe heirloom ancestor! >>Watch the video here

Where do Pumpkins Come From?

Friday, November 6

Farmer Hallie takes a stroll through the Oxbow Kids’ Farm Pumpkin Patch, talking about the lifecycle of this iconic fall crop! >>Watch the video here

Restoring Native Forests

Friday, October 30

Shea interviews Oxbow’s Farmer Dawn (a native plant farmer!) to learn about the work of growing native forests. Come see what forests look like as they grow up from knee-high babies to trees that are 100’s of years old! >>Watch the video here

Spider Web Walk

Friday, October 16

Fall is the time for all things spooky, and what is more creepy than spiders! Join us in exploring the secret lives of the resident spiders at oxbow, and you might just discover a different side to these crawly creatures. >>Watch the video here

Nature Sketching

Friday, September 25

Learn some fun basic techniques for creating science art. Sketching can be a way to look closer at the objects in front of you. You don’t have to be an amazing artist to make observations! >> Watch the video here!  If you like Nature Journaling, check our our whole series of Nature Journal Challenges here.

Compost Exploration

Farmer Becca and Farmer Shannon poke around in the compost pile on the Kids’ Farm finding critters and exploring the process of decomposition! >>Watch the video here

Sensory Hike

Friday, September 18

Activate your senses and walk Oxbow’s Swale Trail on this virtual hike through one of the the ecosystems that surrounds the farm! >>Watch the video here!

one tiny seed storytime

STORY TIME: One Tiny Seed

Original Broadcast: Friday, September 11, 2020

Join the Oxbow Farmers for a lively story about a little seed who believed in herself, even when no one else would. Find out if she’ll be able to grow where no seed has grown before! >>Watch the video here!

pollinator house

Pollinator Hotel Tour

Original broadcast: Friday, September 4, 2020

Check out where Oxbow’s busy bees come to rest their wings and raise the next generation of pollinators with a live tour of Kids’ Farm pollinator hotel hosted by Shea. >>Watch the video here!

live farm tour

LIVE Farm Tour

Original broadcast: Friday, August 14, 2020

It’s the time of bounty on the Oxbow Kids’ Farm Come join us and see what the Kids’ Farm is growing in the summer season. Take a sneak peek at some of the foods that are growing underground! >>View Part 1 | View Part 2

dig deeper presents video

Dig Deeper Presents Fort Building

Original broadcast: Friday, August 21, 2020

Our 10-14 year old campers recorded what they learned at summer camp to share with younger viewers at home. In this video, Campers walk us through key fort-building strategies for building wildly creative structures! >> Watch the video here!

wild edibles video

Wild Edibles

Original broadcast: Monday, August 31, 2020

Ben teaches you how to identify and forage uniquely tasty edible native plants. >>Watch the Video Here