Family Farm Adventures


Oxbow’s Family Farm Adventure field trips connect families to the magic of Oxbow and bring science topics to life in a safe and meaningful way! Whether your child is learning remotely, in the classroom, or is part of a homeschool group, participants of all ages will engage their senses and expand their knowledge about food, farming, and nature at Oxbow.

Developed in response to COVID-19 and the desire to keep kids engaged in the outdoors at a safer, smaller scale, Family Farm Adventures offer households and families a personalized field trip experience. Oxbow’s magical, kid-friendly farm and garden spaces set the stage to inspire our future land stewards, scientists, and farmers.

Family Farm Adventures are adapted from Oxbow’s Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS)-supported Fall Farm Adventure and Spring Farm Adventures programs, some of our most popular and long-standing programs for young students.

Family Farm Adventure Highlights

Kids and their families will get hands-on as they explore interdependent relationships, plant & animal needs, decomposition, and the life cycles of the food crops we love. Family Farm Adventures can be filled with open-ended exploration and play, farmer-guided activity stations, or a combination of both!  Here are some examples of the types of things you’ll do.

  • Explore seasonal farm phenomena while learning about the season’s bounties
  • Engage with plants and their 6 main parts while studying their structure and function as Living Systems
  • Identify helpers and pests on a farm, and visit our decomposers to see nutrient cycling in action at our worm bin/compost station
  • And more! We welcome input on what your family unit might be curious about learning, and we work with parents to meet differing needs and interests across participant ages.

Click on each season below to learn about specific Family Farm Adventure activities offered throughout the year.

Oxbow is BURSTING with greenery and new life during the springtime! On a Spring Farm Adventure at Oxbow, you might…

  • Search for signs of spring and nibble on some fresh produce from the field
  • Visit the Oxbow Orchard and look for native pollinators hard at work  
  • Explore the Worm Tower and Kids’ Farm Compost bays to learn how gentle decomposers help us grow delicious food
  • Plant a sunflower seed and take one home with you in a newspaper pot you’ll make yourself! 
  • Birdwatch as we try to spy our avian neighbors during spring migration, and search for evidence of other animal friends in the fields. 

Or… you could hunt for the season’s earliest strawberry blossoms, help our farmers transplant new seedlings into a row, plant a special heirloom seed around our Bean Arena, and so much more! 

Spring Family Farm Adventures are offered April through early June.

On a curiosity-driven adventure through the farm fields, kids will discover the small but crucial critters that help our plants grow and explore the bounties of the summer season. In this plentiful season we’ll taste & compare well known foods, including ripe berries, witness wildlife, and even get a glimpse into the hard work farmers do on an organic farm, controlling weeds and pests!

  • Embody pollinators, visiting the flowers in the squash or “cucurbits” rows and carry pollen from one flower to the next
  • Learn about how water is a precious resource in the summer and care for the plants in our raised bed
  • Play games, sings songs, and more!

Summer Family Farm Adventures are offered late June through early September.

As sunflowers fade and our farmers’ attention shifts to the autumn harvest, there’s magic to be found all around Oxbow’s farm fields and forests. During a Fall Family Farm Adventure, you might…

  • Harvest and snack on all six plant parts– roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits and learn about their function.
  • Learn to save seeds in the vine tunnels and examine the veins of changing leaves on our Lightboard
  • Look for signs of fall wildlife and learn about what animals might be doing during this time of the year

Fall Family Farm Adventures are offered from mid-September through mid-November.


Family units, immediate households, or small COVID “pods.” Each individual Family Farm Adventure is intended for approx. 10 total participants. Learn more on our FAQ page.

Reach out to if you would like to schedule a larger group tour or need special accommodations for your group!


Family Farm Adventures are offered on select days during Fall from 9AM to 11AM; 12PM to 2PM; or 3PM to 5PM. You can see all available slots online by viewing our calendar. Email to receive your registration link!



The health and safety of our guests and staff are Oxbow’s top priorities. See our detailed Family Farm Adventure FAQ page to learn about safety guidelines and the ins & outs of your visit, along with other frequently asked questions. 

Registration and Cost

Family Farm Adventures are available on a sliding scale of $50-$150. In 2020, Oxbow’s Educators have dramatically re-imagined our programming to provide impactful, safe, and much-needed experiences in the outdoors. We invite you to pay what you can* on an open sliding scale, reflecting Oxbow’s mission to make programming as accessible as possible for students and families near and far. The program is valued at $150 per program.

*No one will be turned away; please reach out to us if program costs pose a barrier. Please contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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