Farm Adventures


Preschool–5th Grade 

Class groups, homeschooling pods, co-ops, scouts, and more

2 hours

Mon- Fri  

$195-$600 depending on group size
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Not all classrooms have 4 walls

Oxbow’s Farm Field Trip Adventures are designed to enlighten your students to the magic of the seasons, organic farming, and connecting with the ecosystem in unique ways.  

These hands-on, guided field trips for schools and groups open kids’ eyes, ears, noses, and taste buds to the life, big and small, on our kid-friendly vegetable farm. Students even participate in seasonal farm activities such as planting seeds, tending raised garden beds, harvesting, and of course, snacking tasty fruits and veggies throughout the day!  

Come explore Oxbow with your group, and let nature be the teacher. 

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Activity highlights from past groups include:  

  • Meeting and talking with REAL farmers
  • Harvesting tasty fruits and vegetables and snacking in the farm fields
  • Sowing seeds and venturing through the living tunnel
  • Spotting wildlife appearances & tracks   
  • Meeting the inhabitants of our worm bin and learning why they are a farmer’s best friend

Custom-made for your group

Each Farm Adventure holds opportunities for exploration, learning, and connections with nature. We aim to create programs and opportunities that are fun and engaging for all ages, so we customize your day plans to your group’s ages, interests, and abilities. Don’t hesitate to let us know if they are particularly excited about a topic or project!

How is the program different by age group?

Preschoolers and young children are highly energetic and enjoy hands-on sensory experiences, so we run around, sing, play, search, and follow the group’s curiosity based on their findings. Of course, we enjoy playing with all the muddy puddles they can find (so don’t forget your rain boots!)

Elementary-aged children thrive when given agency to explore, ask questions, & share fun facts and information with Oxbow’s Farmers & Educators. We often break into groups for activities, silly prompts, and serious learning. Depending on the season, children get to plant or harvest veggies, make pollinator friends, and enjoy creative play in our living playground.

Middle and High school students dive the deepest into organic farming, food systems, crops, soil health, the importance of conservation and native plants in the ecosystem, and Social Justice in agriculture and environmental resilience. Students work on seasonal farm jobs, including weeding, planting, and mulching!

What to expect

One of our Education Guiding Principles is to let wonder and curiosity drive our programs, meaning no two field trips look the same! Our teams listen to each group’s questions and interests and let them guide their way through relevant, fun, and helpful information, integrating it with your curriculum, goals, and learning outcomes.  

The seasonality of change in a farm provides unique opportunities to explore Oxbow differently depending on when you visit. You’ll never know exactly what you’ll find until you’re here. 


April 18-June 3

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July 11-15
August 1-5
August 22-September 2

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September 19-November 10

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Everyone deserves fun farm exploration. Sliding Scale Available.

2022 Registration CLOSED

Tips for Teachers & Chaperones

Our Oxbow Education team does their best to maintain a 10:1 student-to-instructor ratio. Please be ready to divide large groups into smaller ones to keep this ratio. You know your students better than we do, so please help us form groups according to how your students will work best together. We rely on chaperones to model behavior, embrace experiences, and help keep students (and plants!) safe. We do not charge adults to chaperone along with student groups.  

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