Apprentice Farmers Camp

raspberry fingersAugust 13-17 | 7-12 year-olds

Apprentice Farmers camp is designed for older kids (age 7 to 12) who are ready to dig deeply into the experience of being a farmer.

During their week of camp, the farmer apprentices will explore, in a free, creative, and play-based environment, what it means to be an organic farmer. Campers will sow cover crop and dig potatoes. They will plant brassicas and save wild seeds, tend to the three sisters and learn about how corn, beans, and squash help each other grow. They will explore the surrounding forest and learn about how an organic farm is a part of a larger ecosystem. Apprentice farmers will graduate from their week conscious and appreciative of all of the players, big and small that breath life onto our vegetable farm.

This year, there is one session of Apprentice Farmers Camp.


August 10-14








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