Oxbow in The Seattle Times

About a week before Thanksgiving, Seattle Times photographer Alan Berner contacted Oxbow about coming out to the farm to grab a few shots of the crew harvesting in the fields. He learned about Oxbow from a visit to one of PCC Natural Market’s several locations around the Seattle area, which source a variety of delicious produce straight from Oxbow.

A few days later, Alan pulled up with his rain gear and a couple of cameras slung over his shoulders, and set out to document one of the last dino kale harvests of the year. The sky was particularly moody that day, with intense dark clouds building over a deep blue-green field. Alan’s shots reflect just a sliver of the hard work done by our field and processing crews each and every day:  it can be cold, wet, rainy, sunny, or scalding, but no matter the conditions, they’re out there bringing in good organic food straight from the earth.

Read the full story and see a slideshow of photos here.

(Alan Berner/The Seattle Times)