Farm Share Policies & FAQs

Oxbow Farm Share

Farm Shares are similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and represent an investment in a farm, farmer, community, and mission. Connection and relationships are central tenets to our Farm Share program—both in relation to how we steward our land and resources, and how we cultivate relationships with our community. Farm Shares create a direct relationship with your farmer and land, and provide an opportunity to participate in your food system in a more intimate way—experiencing the ebbs and flows of the season.

Shareholders invest in a portion of the season’s harvest upfront, helping farmers better plan for the upcoming growing season and purchase seed and supplies. In return, Shareholders receive delicious local food, cultivate a closer relationship with their farmer, develop familiarity with how their food is grown, and become connected to the seasonality of their region.

Oxbow is not only a farm; it’s a nonprofit organization that recognizes each integral part needed to build a thriving and sustainable ecosystem. Oxbow grows food and native plants, restores and maintains the land, and educates people about nature and farming so that the cycle can continue, generation after generation. Learn more about our work and mission.

Oxbow is committed to connecting our Shareholders to the land and to the people who care for it. Our goal is to grow a strong community around our Farm Share program, and by sharing our farm with you, cultivate passionate land stewards and advocates for local agriculture.

There are several unique advantages of investing in Oxbow’s Farm Share:

Early-bird Savings: Shareholders who register before February 26 enjoy the financial benefit of 5-10% extra credit based on investment level. For example, “Pod” level Shareholders pay $750 for $825 credit—effectively saving $75 over the course of the season.

Maximize growing potential and minimize waste: The financial stability that Shareholder’s upfront capital provides helps us allocate resources efficiently and reduce economic uncertainties. This predictability enables our farmers to make strategic decisions, optimize crop selection, and minimize waste by aligning production more closely with demand from our community.

Free U-Pick Flowers: Shareholders enjoy the unique perk of free U-Pick flowers during on-farm pickups, allowing them to personally select and gather beautiful blooms, adding a vibrant and personalized touch to their weekly shares.

Exclusive Updates and Community Involvement: Shareholders receive special communications from our farmers, staying informed about the growing process, seasonal developments, new and exciting vegetable varieties, and community events.

Intimate Connection to Food System: Shareholders can engage more intimately with Oxbow farmers and the food system, learning the ebbs and flows of the growing season. This connection fosters a greater appreciation for the origin and journey of their food.

  1. Invest in the growing season by paying your farmers an up-front price; your farmers then make a more informed crop plan and purchase the seeds and equipment needed to maximize growing potential and minimize waste.
  2. Bring your own box or bags and select exactly what and how much produce you want at any of our 6 weekly pick-up options. At each checkout, we will subtract your total from your overall balance.
  3. Explore Oxbow with your loved ones! During pickup time, see our farming practices in action, talk with your farmers, and enjoy seasonal U-Pick fruit, herbs, veggies, and free flowers. Oxbow is YOUR farm!
  4. Become part of our community of Farm Shareholders. Get to know the people (and the soil!) behind your food, and connect with other like-minded friends and neighbors through potlucks and special events.

Shareholders have access to all the same U-Pick opportunities as the general public. Any crops harvested will need to be paid for at the Farm Stand (you can use your Farm Share balance). U-Pick flowers are offered for FREE all season long to Farm Shareholders. There may also be other Shareholder-specific U-Pick opportunities which will be communicated through the  newsletters. Expected crops this year are as follows: 

Veggies: Sugar snap peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes 

Fruit and berries: Raspberries, apples, pears, plums, and grapes 

Herbs: Cilantro, basil, dill, parsley 

Flowers: Sunflowers, zinnia, marigolds, dahlias and more! 

Pricing will be indicated at the Farm Stand.

Absolutely! To gift a Farm Share to someone special, simply send an email to with the name and email address of the intended recipient. Our team at Oxbow will promptly reach out to you to coordinate payment. Once payment is finalized, we’ll send you a printable certificate that you can hand-deliver to the lucky recipient. It’s a thoughtful and delicious way to share the joy of fresh, local produce!

Sign up by February 26, 2024 to enjoy an extra 5-10% credit on your share; promotions end after this date.

Picking Up Your Share

Duvall Farmers Market
Thursdays 3-7PM*

Oxbow Farm Stand
Fridays 1-6PM
Saturdays 10AM-4PM
Sundays 10AM-4PM

Issaquah Farmers Market
Saturdays 9AM-2PM*

Mercer Island Farmers Market
Sundays 10AM-2PM*

*Please note that towards the end of the 27-week program, Oxbow’s Farm Stand will be the sole pickup location, once the farmers markets conclude for the season—Issaquah and Mercer Island close late-September, and Duvall Farmers Market concludes mid-October.

We are a King County farm located in beautiful Carnation, WA, just 25 miles east of Seattle. Oxbow’s address is 10819 Carnation-Duvall Rd NE.

  • Drive slowly (10 MPH) on all farm roads and watch for other guests.
  • Follow the signs directing you to the parking area.
  • Do not drive past the Farm Stand and into the Oxbow grounds unless you’ve been instructed to by Oxbow staff.

Yes! Absolutely.  If you need to send a friend or family member for any reason (be it illness, vacation, or busy life plans) feel free! We encourage sharing produce with community and will not be requiring ID’s or badges in order to access your veggies. We operate on the honor system within our farm family; and trust each person to organize pick-up in whatever way works best for them.

No problem at all! Our market-style share offers flexibility, allowing you to catch up seamlessly. Whether you double up your produce on the next visit or gradually spend extra over a few weeks, your credits are yours to use as suits your schedule best. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your subscription with ease. Not sure how much you have? Just ask at checkout or email

Come rain or shine, we’re working to provide you fresh produce at each and every pickup. Though occasionally, extreme weather conditions such as heat, smoke, and floods may necessitate a site closure/pickup cancellation to protect people from unsafe conditions. Our top priority is the health and safety of our staff and community and we will communicate any changes to our harvest or pick-up schedule as soon as possible. For the most up-to-date info on site status during extreme weather, check our social media channels or home page.

While we strive to avoid site closures, off-site farmers market pickup locations can offer alternative options for collecting your weekly share. If you have any questions or concerns about pickup, never hesitate to reach out to us at or call our Farm Team phone number: (425) 788-1134 ext. #2.

Payments and Policies

There are 3 investment levels (solo, duo, and pod) designed to fit various lifestyle needs, accommodating individuals, families, couples, roommates, neighbors, and friend groups—ensuring everyone can enjoy fresh, organic produce. Each plan requires a single payment which is due in one lump sum before the 27-week season begins:

Solo | $350

Average Weekly Budget*:

Duo | $500*

Average Weekly Budget*:

Pod | $750

Average Weekly Budget*:

*The average weekly budget figures reflect costs when your credit is evenly spread over the 27-week season. However, thanks to our market-style approach, you have the freedom to tailor your weekly spending to your preferences. Feel empowered to spend your credit as you wish; the weekly average is not a constraint.

A one-time payment is due in full at the time of signup. Payment by online credit card via our Farm Share Registration page is preferred. Please email if you need to make alternate payment arrangements. Your Shareholder spot is secured at the time of payment, and you should receive a confirmation email shortly after registration.

If you anticipate running out of credit before the season concludes, no need to worry! Shareholders will have a mid-season chance to add credit, and specifics will be shared in your Shareholder email when the time comes. Please note that the early-bird credit will not be offered during the mid-season add-on.

Your unused balance is considered as an investment into our up-front Farm Share production costs each year. We do not provide refunds to Shareholders if there are remaining credits in your account at the end of the 27 weeks since we plan our crops based on your participation and commitment for the entire season. We understand life happens and plans shift, but if you are unable to continue with the season please let us know as soon as possible.

To check your balance, simply inquire at checkout or email You have the flexibility to spend your credit at your own pace, but as a helpful benchmark, please note the weekly average budget for each investment level:

Solo: $12.96/week
Duo: $18.52/week
Pod: $27.78/week

Typically, no. Farm Share credits are specifically intended for the purchase of Oxbow produce and u-pick items. However, there are occasional opportunities for Shareholders to use their credits to buy vegetable plant starts and specially labeled partner products like fruit. These offers will be communicated through Shareholder emails and will be clearly marked at the Farm Stand.