2013 Oxbow Winter Newsletter #3 – Happy Thanksgiving from Your Farmers

We had our final crew potluck on Wednesday. It was a sad and joyous affair… it’s the end of a long season of farming for this years’ interns. They are exhausted and ready for a needed break from the hard work of farming, and living and working is such close quarters together. Ten months ago they were strangers, and now they are family. It is loss to have them leave.

So we ended the season with our own early Thanksgiving feast. Sarah D and I roasted squash, Arwen baked a delicious, crustless apple pie-compote, Carson bucked his trend of meat main course and brought an amazing apple cake, Mariana did her typical magic and whipped something up 15 minutes before lunch using only “farmer food”; and Luke made our favorite Insanely Delicious Greens. That is just some of what was on offer… we all filled our plates multiple times and needed a nap afterwards. Just like Thanksgiving. We felt blessed.

Luke, Adam, Sarah, Megan, Bridget, Tino, Yolanda, Valentin, Julio-Cesar,Mike, Marianna, Lisa, Alice, Sarah D, Dana, Joshua, Arwen, Grace, Brandon, (and our inspiration Pearl, Emuna, Avi Ray & Zoe Rose).