Farmer in the Classroom

Bring a farmer into your classroom! During the season when outdoor field trips aren’t possible, Oxbow’s farm educators bring the farm to you with one of several interactive lessons.


Preschool – 5th grade; up to 30 students


January through March, Monday – Friday

Approximately 1 hour in length


Each lesson is $140; two or more consecutive programs at the same school are $100 each. Up to 30 students per lesson.


  • Wonder Worms! What makes healthy soil? We explore soil, learn about worm anatomy, and interact with them in the worm bin. (Preschool-3rd grade)
  • Seeds Feed Me: Are seeds only for planting? No! We use seeds every day! We will explore familiar seeds, learn where they come from, and even dissect them to discover what’s inside! (Preschool-5th grade)
  • The Buzz on Pollination: Animals need plants to survive, but do plants need animals? We explore the magic of pollination through an interactive game and discover the role of pollinators in growing the fruits we know and love. (Grades 2-4)
  • Calling All Birds: What makes beaks unique? Students become citizen scientists as we discover how birds have adapted to their environment to feed themselves. We can even set up a backyard feeder to monitor winter bird species right at your school! (Preschool-5th grade)
  • Stormwater Management: Imitating Nature to Keep Water Clean: How can dirt make water cleaner? Follow the journey of a raindrop and build a model to demonstrate how water flows through your neighborhood. (Grades 2-5)



The Pumpkin Package

Interested in MORE inspired Oxbow Education? Sign up for the Pumpkin Package and get a deal!

The Pumpkin Package is a three-part series that allows your class to discover how Oxbow changes throughout the seasons.

The program unfolds over the course of a school year. It begins with a fall visit to the farm, followed by a winter farmer visit to your school, and ends with a return visit to Oxbow in the springtime. The three progressive lessons help students understand how nature’s cycles mimic the changing seasons, and how people are connected to the earth through the food that we eat.

Here’s the deal: Fall field trip + winter farmer visit = 50% off your spring field trip

Contact us at for more information on the Pumpkin Package.


If field trip costs pose a hardship, please contact us at for scholarship information.