Oxbow’s field trips are unique in the region for the one-on-one student/farmer interactions. Teachers and parents love visiting the farm as much as the kids! Here are a few teacher reviews of our Fall Farm Adventures:

  • We loved our field trip to Oxbow Farm! The docents got down to talk with the children, but they didn’t talk down to them one bit. We learned about the parts of the plant, not only by looking, but by picking, pulling and tasting as well. As we traveled through the farm the docents adjusted their speed and presentation to match the speed and interest of the children. The living playground, worm bin and sitting on the tractor were big hits with parents and children alike. We’ll come back next year because of the way the children were able to connect with the life cycles of plants, the earth and adults who treated them with respect. Thanks for your intentionality and sharing your love of nature with our children!
  • We were very pleased and engaging all 5 senses was perfect, the song and looking for all plant parts was great.  It was a very “real” tour versus a horse ride and bouncy house experience, but we were expecting exactly what we got and we were not disappointed.  Our kids were engaged right away and for the duration.
  • Our class loved visiting the Oxbow farm! During the field trip, the kids learned about the foods they eat on a daily basis with an emphasis on the 6 plant parts. This was an eye opening experience for children and adults about the farm to table connection.
  • We are always happy and satisfied with our visits.  For me as the teacher, I love seeing the children and adults enjoy the farmers and the setting.  I think the most rewarding comment for me this visit came from a parent after eating an apple and tasting a carrot.  She said, “Now I get it” (referring to items being “farm fresh”).
  • I would highly recommend Oxbow to any parent or teacher.  It is truly a natural, authentic farm experience.  I know some parents/teachers may have different expectations, but I prefer the Oxbow experience to a “Disneyland” farm.  The farmers are engaging and informative.
  • Oxbow Farm is an amazing place for a Fall field trip. It’s so valuable for children to get to experience how their food grows and to get to taste things they pick themselves. Nothing tastes as good as a carrot that still has a little mud on it!
  • We’ll be back next Fall for sure and I always recommend Oxbow to anyone who will listen.
  • I’ve been to Oxbow several times (on 9 field trips, I believe) and it’s always amazing. The more the children get to pick and taste and experience, the better. Carrot pulling is almost always the biggest favorite.
  • The teachers and parents loved the energy of the farm staff. We enjoyed the hands on experience and it completely complemented the Montessori curriculum we offer at our school
  • Issaquah Co-op preschool will definitely be making Oxbow a recurring field trip!!!! The kids are still singing the 6 parts of a plant song! The farmer tour guides are fun, smart, and patient with our 4 year-olds.