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How it works

Community Supported Agriculture is the backbone of the Oxbow’s farm.  We are part of a dynamic non-profit organization that promotes responsible land use through our restoration and conservation efforts, our inspired education programs for kids of all ages, and our commitment to exploring the safest growing methods for food production. Joining our CSA is an investment in YOUR food.  You will learn how and why we grow the crops you receive in your OxBox and we will share delicious ways to enjoy each and every item.

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OxBox sidebarAbout our program

A CSA is a partnership with a farm. By becoming a CSA member, you commit to supporting a farm and the farm commits to feeding you through the growing season.

We pack boxes of organic vegetables and deliver them to neighborhood pick-up locations for our members from May through December. We began our CSA on a half-acre in 1999 and have growing and improving our program ever since. Our 2016 CSA will provide regular food throughout the growing season to thousands of people around King County.

This season, we have built more flexibility into the program to allow our members the freedom to choose more of what they get from us. The season is divided into three parts:

EARLY season

MAIN season share

LATE season


May – early July mid-July – late-Oct late-Oct – mid-Nov


Week-by-week 15 weeks 3 weeks


$25 minimum per week $375 ($25 per week) $90 ($30 per week)

How it works

You choose the contents online from our seasonal offerings Farmer’s choice! You can purchase extras from what’s available Farmer’s choice! You can purchase extras from what’s available

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Box delivery

We deliver our CSA boxes to more than 40 locations throughout King County.

We are able to offer home delivery in select locations through our partnership with Pagliacci Pizza! If you choose one of 14 participating Pagliacci Pizza locations as your pick-up site AND you order a pizza on your pick-up date, Pagliacci will deliver your CSA box to your home alongside your pizza. If you don’t want to order the pizza, you are also welcome to pick up your box in the store.


King County Employees

In partnership with King County Healthy Incentives, Oxbow is offering delivery to employees at the Chinook Building and King St. Center in 2016. Through the County’s Farm Fresh Local program, employees can qualify for Gold Status in King County Healthy Incentives by joining our CSA. Click here to learn more.


Our CSA community is made up of members throughout King County who are committed to healthy food, sustainable agriculture, and supporting the local economy. During the season, our weekly CSA newsletter offers tips for using the contents of each week’s box as well as stories about what’s happening behind the scenes to get this food from our farm to your table.

Check out our CSA FAQs, the 2016 Eater’s Digest archive, weekly box contents, and more at our members page.


What’s in a box?

In the early season, box contents are your choice. We provide options and you choose from them to meet the minimum order of $25.

During the main and late seasons, we pack boxes according to what’s freshest during any given week. Each box will contain at least $25 or $30 worth of produce. These boxes are good for a household of 2-3 people.

Here are what some sample boxes might look like over the course of the season:




1 lb fava beans
2 baby fennel
1 bunch garlic scapes
1 bunch dino kale
½ lb sugar snap peas
1 bunch Japanese wax turnips
½ lb rhubarb
1 bunch dill
1/2 lb green beans
1 bunch red beets with greens
1 bunch purple carrots
2 diva slicing cucumbers
1 bunch red chard
1 green bell pepper
2 summer squash
2 small shallots
1 bunch collard greens
1 bunch French breakfast radishes
1 head broccoli
2 gatherer’s gold peppers
1 bunch Oxbow’s finest carrots
2 leeks
1 medium butternut squash
1 lb French fingerling potatoes