Asparagus at Oxbow!

What’s better than delicious veg that you plant every spring and enjoy throughout the season? Perennial veg that will feed you for decades without the need for re-seeding! That’s right, here on the Oxbow Kids Farm, we love our perennials. Rhubarb and cardoons have been making appearances in our CSA boxes and market displays for years, but this season, we’ve started a whole new venture–purple asparagus! Because the only thing we love more than perennials, is purple perennials. (I like to say we specialize in purple vegetables here on the Kids Farm…)

Last week, I managed to take a break from digging to snap a few shots of the new Ox-interns in action planting the alien-like asparagus crowns. The crowns have long, leggy roots and will take about three years to become fully established. So, we won’t actually be munching purple asparagus this season, but the promise of a new crop in years to come is very exciting! And what fun to plant these goofy veggies with such a great group of folks.

Until next time,
Farmer Dana