Join the Ox Crop Mob!

Calling all those with an interest in agriculture and free time on Friday. The farmers are hoping to convene an enthusiastic crew of volunteers to give our crops a leg-up on the ever-eager weeds.

We are recruiting a workforce to help us multiply our farmers’ time by jumping in and assisting with necessary crop maintenance. This is a duel opportunity for the farmers to cross a huge task off of this week’s to-do list and for YOU to connect with the land while grounding yourself in the reality of organic farming. 

The situation: Weeds are always a problem for organic crops, but this season’s severe lack of water means that we need to clear them out so our crops can fully benefit from our increased irrigation schedule.

The time: Our crew will be working from 10-2 on Friday, June 12. Join us! If possible, we prefer you come at the beginning, so that we can get the whole team started working together all at once. 

The place: Volunteers are invited to park in the parking lot just inside our main entrance. We will meet you there at 10:00.  If you are late (please try not to be), walk down the driveway and check in with a crew member at the barn

Wear sunscreen, layered clothing and bring LOTS of water to keep your body safe doing this physical work.

This is the kind of work that keeps our field crew busy throughout the whole growing season. Come and try YOUR hand at it, see what kind of work goes into growing food for thousands of people, and help your farmers out!

Note: We love kids, but we cannot invite them for this opportunity. In addition, pets are not allowed on farm property.  

Hope to see you here! Email questions to


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