“Harvesting” the benefits of outdoor education, rain or shine!

As we tuck our Kids’ Farm beds and fields away for the Winter, we are immensely grateful for the resilience and enthusiasm of our communities and staff this Fall season. Over 220+ individuals joined us on 44 small-group Fall Family Farm Adventures at Oxbow! Looking to the future, we are eager to continue providing safe, accessible learning opportunities for families, small school groups, and COVID learning pods alike in Spring 2021.

On the lookout for our wildlife neighbors at Oxbow Lake! Do you think we see more critter activity in the Fall?

Visitors sort Scarlet Runner Beans. Seed-saving is a beloved farmer and gardener tradition! Do you save seeds?

Victory carrots! We harvested all six plant parts and now we get to snack on our farm fresh produce. Do you have a favorite harvesting moment?

We examine the similarities and differences of leaves on Oxbow’s Lightboard. What changes would you expect from a green or a changing leaf versus a brown leaf?

Thank you, OxEd Team, for an amazing season!