Meet the crew: Adam McCurdy

With over 15 years of farming experience under his belt, Adam is our fearless Farm Manager leading the charge towards the success of our dual-eco mission — ecological responsibility and economic viability.  As we are increasingly challenged by the demand to feed an ever-growing population, it is infinitely more important that farms use land responsibly and that farmers can run a viable business.

Adam’s role has evolved from farmer to Farm Manager over his last ten years growing food at Oxbow.  He is inherently curious, and this interest in digging into the WHATs, WHYs and HOWs of organic farming has led to collaborative partnerships with many different many different individuals and organizations. Adam balances his farmer’s intuition with a scientist’s knack for data-collection and wields an awesome, cutting-edge approach to nutrient management, crop planning, field preparation, and cultivation. Adam’s participation in as many applied research projects as the season will allow means his important work in exploring eco-agricultural practices has an impact beyond our fields.

As Farm Manager, Adam sets the tone for the farm team with his infinite energy and positivity. He is quick with compliments, words of encouragement, and optimism. He is a professional problem-solver with endless capacity to examine issue from all angles to find a solution that works for everyone.

Over the years, Adam has been driven by a passion for community to develop and grow Oxbow’s hunger relief efforts. Under Adam’s management, we are able to keep a steady supply of food flowing from Oxbow to various King County hunger relief organizations throughout the growing season.

Oxbow is so lucky to have Adam at the helm of our farm. His hard work, dedication to our land and compassion for his fellow employees keeps our farm functioning at its highest capacity.


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