Saving the bounty

Carrots, lettuce, and bunch greens are the staple crops that make up the foundation of our growing plan each season.  Representing four plant families — carrots as apiaceae, lettuce as asters, kale and collards as brassicas, and chard as chenopods — we grow these universal favorites in a manageable volume so that we are not overwhelmed by the challenges they each bring to the table, from pests to disease.

Our goal is to include these items in your share each week because we have found them to be essential building blocks of a vegetable-centric diet.  If you are finding it difficult to get through your weekly bunch (or sometimes bunches) of hearty greens while there is so much else in season, it’s a great opportunity to chop, blanch and freeze them for the winter months.  Your investment will go further if you can get those greens into your savings account rather than the compost!

Here are some of our favorite resources for how to extend the season so that you can focus on enjoying the food you have time to prepare, and feel great about putting a little away for the winter:

How to blanch and freeze kale and other greens
How to blanch and freeze carrots
Quick pickled carrots


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