Reflections on the solstice

The recent summer solstice (and once-in-a-generation Strawberry Moon) gave us an opportunity to appreciate the present, reflecting on all that has happened and looking forward to all that is yet to come. In farming, the past and the future are apparent in each moment. Every day, we see both the payoffs of our wise choices and the drawbacks of our missed opportunities and we do the best we can to anticipate the needs that will arise in the coming days, weeks, and months.

With one foot ahead and one foot behind, it can be hard to keep our heads in the present! As we arrive at this seasonal transition from Early to Main, spring to summer, a couple hundred boxes each week to nearly one thousand, we can see the rest of the calendar year spread out before us. Much of the food you will eat in October, November, and December is already in the ground! All 2016 carrots have been sown, and over an acre of parsnips, too.  Nearly 20 unique varieties of winter squash and a couple varieties of Jack O’ Lanterns for good measure, are in the ground and will grow (hopefully) happily until they greet you on the farm in Oxtober!

Time is on track to steadily fly by as we harvest and pack your weekly Farmer’s Choice share. We hope our food can offer you a soft reminder to appreciate your relationship to Earth and the constant seasonal cycles that keep us all alive.


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