Operation: Cucurbit is a go!

Last week, we began sowing our cucurbits–cucumbers, mixed varieties of zucchinis, and winter squash aplenty, (including the famous jack-o-lantern pumpkins!)–in the propagation house.

That is to say, the season is truly ON. Cucurbits are quick to grow and very susceptible to becoming root-bound in their cells. This means there is a short window for transplanting them once they have sized up. Being especially susceptible to frost damage, we need to wait until the danger of a cold snap is over. So once May arrives, it’s a scramble to get 30,000+  plants seeded and transplanted with enough time for them to grow to maturity before the first frosts of the fall.

Cucurbits should be a staple in your boxes from July, when the first zucchini will probably ripen, on through the fall and even into the winter (winter squash will store well for quite a while). Of course, everything is dependent on how the season shakes out! But if you’re eager to dream about zucchini pasta and butternut squash curry, now might be an okay time to start.


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