Onions, out!

At long last, our alliums are outta here! We’ve seen these young shallots, leeks, and onions grow from seed to transplant size in this nursery, but the time has come for them to brave the temperature swings of the great outdoors.

Transplanting can be stressful for plants, and is a little bit more dramatic for our alliums as we trim their roots when we dig them out of the nursery bed. They were lucky to get a deep soak from Mother Nature last weekend to ease the transition.

We ended up with thousands of extra Walla Walla and Tropea onion starts, and have adjusted our field plan to accommodate the extra bounty.  We are planning on harvesting bunches of young onions from this additional planting — a delicious product for which we typically don’t devote field space. So, we’ll have some onions available a few weeks earlier than anticipated. Good news for everyone!

Shout out to our field crew for starting their 6-day work week in May so we can keep up with all this transplanting, in addition to weeding, irrigation, and now harvest!


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