How’s the weather out there?

It’s alright! Thanks for asking!

Anyone who was in Washington last spring may remember that the weather was totally whacky. It hardly rained all of April. This year is feeling eerily similar, and this year we have no excuse for not being prepared. Last year, we saw the effects of spring heat and summer drought impact all aspects of our production. In preparation, we have already deployed our irrigation to almost all of our fields, about a month earlier than usual.

Part of the reason we made the switch to our Early Season model for the spring and early summer was to manage the unpredictable weather at this time of year. With the build-your-own, week-by-week model, we can offer the food we do have to a much smaller group of members while getting ready for the big show to come.

Luckily, we’re doing pretty well so far, with some of our annual crops starting to come on to supplement the reliable perennials. We hope that sharing this part of the season with us is rewarding for you. We’re thankful to have you here!


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