The lettuce train is rolling

As we have mentioned before, we are all about succession planting with our CSA staples, especially our greens. That means we sow, transplant, and harvest continuously for as long as we can, ensuring a steady supply of your favorites all season long.

Though you haven’t seen any yet, we are already onto our FIFTH succession of lettuce! The first has been have been transplanted already, with the second waiting in the wings, ready to go. Two more are being cared for in the prop house, and one is just newly sown as you read this.

In each of our eight lettuce successions, there are seven different varieties. That means you’ll have lots to sample before you can call one your favorite.  We’ll introduce you to both our large lettuce and baby varieties in coming weeks.
Here are just a few reasons why we grow head lettuce instead of customizing a salad mix:

  • Lettuce is great for so much more than just salad! Lettuce wraps, crunchy whole leaves on a giant sandwich, lettuce hearts dipped in hummus–you get the picture.
  • Whole heads will keep longer in your fridge than cut leaves.
  • Heads are much more efficient to harvest, wash, and pack, meaning we can grow more of it and you can see more of it in your CSA boxes.
With luck, water and sunshine, your first baby lettuce heads will be ready for harvest in June.


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