Support Oxbow with a PCC Scrip card

The rainy season is setting in and we are kicking it off with a fundraiser to help us build a Kid’s Farm shelter for on-farm  education programs!

But this is not just any fundraiser. Through our partnership with PCC Natural Markets’ Scrip Program, you can help us raise money at literally no cost to you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. BUY a PCC Scrip card at face value at our Farm Stand in Oxtober

You can use this card like you would a prepaid debit card at any PCC store.

  1. RELOAD your card online or at your local PCC

This part is critically important! Each time you reload the card, PCC will donate 5% of the reload value to Oxbow. You pay nothing extra for your groceries–PCC gives us 5% of what you give them. It’s a win for all of us!

  1. USE your card for your daily grocery needs

Each time you re-up the value on your card, PCC makes another donation to us. If you put $1,000 onto your card over a year, you get $1,000 worth of groceries and we get $50 to put towards Oxbow’s mission of supporting sustainable agriculture, starting with the Kids Farm Pavilion. That’s feeding two birds with one seed, right? It’s a great deal for everyone!

Scrip cards will be for sale all month long at our pumpkin patch’s farm stand. For more information on our open hours and activities, click here.

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