SpringFest Celery Root Soup

If you have had the opportunity to attend an event at Oxbow then you’re likely familiar with Chef Seth Fernald and his deliciously crafted meals using local ingredients. At SpringFest we had the treat of hosting him and serving his brilliantly creamy Celery Root Soup! If you’re anything like us, you still haven’t stopped thinking about it since. So we decided to give it a home on our blog so that you can make it at home and enjoy farm-fresh meals with a not-so-common ingredient to spark your imagination and taste buds. Enjoy!

Celery Root Soup by Chef Seth Fernald

(yields four portions)


1 Qt Veg Stock- Preferably Homemade
2.5-3# Celery Root- Washed, peeled, and cut into medium-sized chunks
2 Bunches of spring Onions- White and Light green end. Rinsed and sliced into Rings (Save tops for garnish!)
4-5 Cloves garlic- Peeled and Smashed
2 Cps Pea Milk (Sproud- unsweetened)
1-2 Fresh or dried Bay Leaves
Small Bunch of Fresh Thyme- tied with Butcher twine
1/3 Cup Grape Seed Oil
6 oz Cubed Butter (option for non-Vegan)

Charred Spring Onion Salsa Verde- (See below)
Croutons (garnish)- (See below)


1. Preheat medium pot over medium heat
2. Add Grapeseed Oil; allow to heat for 1 minute
3. Add Sliced Spring Onion and Sautee for 2-3 minutes or until translucent- Season with Salt
4. Add Celery root and Sautee for 5-7 minutes- again, season with salt; when making a soup, it is essential to season as building layers for the soup base.
5. Add Stock, ½ pea milk. Thyme and Bayleaf
6. Bring to a simmer and then cover and lower heat. Allow to simmer for 25-3o minutes or until celery root is fork-tender
7. Remove Bay Leaf and Thyme bunch.
8. Puree soup in two or three batches in a Vitamix or blender. Use the leftover Pea milk- to thin out the consistency.  
– If Non-Vegan- while the blender is running, add chunks of butter to emulsify into soup.
10. Mix all batches of soup to check for seasoning and thickness

– Croutons-
I prefer to make Focaccia for croutons and toast in a sautéed pan with Grapeseed oil, and finish with butter and bake at 375 F for 3-5 minutes until nice and crunchy. Sourdough would be a great substitute, or any artisan-style loaf roughly torn and toasted well!

– Green Onion Salsa Verde – 
2 bunch tops of green onions- ½ sliced raw, grill and chop the other half
2-3 Tb Favorite Vinegar- we used a Basil Vinegar
¼ cp-1/3 cp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Salt, pepper

Mix all ingredients just before serving and enjoy!
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