Can you spot the Ox?

Are you a CSA member? Do you like strawberries? We need your help!

Team Oxbow has been hard at work the last few weeks spreading the good word about our CSA program. We are hoping to grow our CSA family to a THOUSAND members this year. A lofty goal this is, but one we are sure we can achieve with help from past and present Oxbow supporters.

Our marketing team has been all over Seattle this April postering coffee shops and stores of all kind with information about our CSA, and we want to know who we are reaching. If you let us know in social media that you’ve seen a poster, we will thank you in the early weeks of the CSA with a pint of Ox strawberries. Seriously! Is that a good deal or what?

Want to play? Here’s what to do:

1. Look for a poster. When you find one, take a picture.

2. Post the picture on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Include in your post…

A. that you are one of our CSA members (Twitter and Instagram: @Oxbow_Farm; Facebook: @Oxbow Center and Organic Farm)

B. the name of the place you saw the poster


C. the hashtag #OxSpot

3. Wait for us to acknowledge your post and get in touch with you with questions, if we have them. If we don’t get back to you within a week, let us know we’ve missed something! Email

4. Give yourself a high five!  You’ve just supported a local, nonprofit farm.


Sound like fun? Well, we’ve only got 20 pints to give away, so TIME is of the essence!

Sorry, but limit one pint per CSA member.

Happy spring and THANKS for the help!