Vote for us in the Golden Teddys!

Remember a few weeks ago when we were asking for help with nominating us for a Golden Teddy Award? Well, enough of you lent your hands to make us a finalist in this year’s awards, and we need to make ONE more ask: Now that we are a finalist, we need votes so that we can win in the categories of Nature/Environmental Camps and U-Picks and Family Farms.

Want to help us out? Here’s what to do.

1. Click here

2. Scroll down to “Nature/Environmental Camps” and click “Oxbow Farm”

3. Register. Warning: This is where ParentMap is going to require that you agree to receive their email newsletter. BUT, if you don’t want them, you can immediately unsubscribe!  Don’t let this dissuade you!

4. After your vote goes through, click “Activities for Kids & Family Fun” in the left-hand column

5. Scroll down to “U-picks and Family Farms” and click “Oxbow Farm.”

6. Give yourself a high-five. You’ve just supported us and helped other families learn about the experiences they can have at Oxbow.