Winter Season: Fostering Inquiry

winter snowflake iconThe Winter Season focuses on skill-building to support students’ scientific achievement and to help them better understand the world around them. Students utilized Next Generation Science practices including asking questions, making predictions & observations, and constructing explanations. We followed student wonderments by exploring a familiar schoolyard animal—the squirrel—and also worked with students to conduct an in-class worm habitat investigation. The concept of “habitat is a linking theme between the lessons.

Oxbow educators and Frank Wagner Elementary kindergarten teachers completed a workshop focused on place-based education and identified assets at the school, which led to one of the most rewarding lessons of the year: a squirrel food scavenger hunt in the schoolyard right outside the classroom!

Downloadable lesson plans and video resources are below.

Download a PDF of the Winter Season Overview


In-class Lesson: Compost Feeds the Soil

Lesson theme: Compost feeds the soil, the worms, and our plants!


Linking Lesson: Post-December activity A to Z Compost Stew

Linking Lesson: Pre-January Activity Squirrels and Seeds


In-class/Outdoor Lesson: Squirrels and Seeds

Lesson theme: Squirrels and trees help to meet each other’s needs.


Linking Lesson: Post-January Lesson Squirrels and Seeds


In-class Lesson: Intro to the Watershed

Lesson theme:  A watershed is an area of land where water flows to a common point.


Linking Lesson: Post-February Activity Watershed Hand Map


Let’s Learn About Compost!, December 2017:

Oxbow Introduces Squirrels, January 2018: