Get Curious! Indoor Science Learning

Whether from the classroom or at home, Oxbow’s indoor science learning resources help to spark interest, deepen learning experiences, and build critical thinking skills for learners of all ages.

Outdoor experiences like field trips to Oxbow can be transformative, but in order to make the most of these experiences, we encourage educators to extend the learning to the classroom before and/or after their farm adventures. Pre- and post-field trip exercises build skills & understanding, allow for reflection, and integrate new experiences into their lives. 

Pre and Post Field Trip Lessons

Fall Farm Adventures

Pre Field Trip: Six Plant Part Lesson [Pre K thru 2nd] and Powerpoint. Learn about how a plant is a Living System and each part has a job!

Pre Field Trip: Watch our Fall Farm Adventures Welcome Video

Post Field Trip: The Pumpkin Rot Experiment [see NGSS supported connections]

Spring Farm Adventures

Pre Field Trip: Choose your own adventure with our Meet the Brassica Family Activities (Pre K-4th)

Post Field Trip: Explore our A Seedling’s Needs Experiment  to answer the question, What do young plants need to be healthy? (Pre K-3rd)