March 2014 Flood

As the season winds down, attention turns to prepping the farm for a Snoqualmie River flood. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t, but we make sure we’re prepared. Vehicles and equipment are moved to the highest possible ground and roads are covered.

This year, our efforts were rewarded with a small flood and we are grateful for it. Floods drown dreaded pest larva and deliver minerals to our fields. Trust us, our 2014 crops of summer and winter squash and broccoli will be better for this flooding.

As quickly as the water arrives it also departs. These pictures are of our northern fields on the day of the flood and again 3 days later. If you’ve been to one of our farm dinner… this is where you’ve eaten.








And more photos…

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Interested in learning more about floods in our valley? Check out Floodzilla – it provides real-time flood alerts for the Snoqualmie River and is a fun way to monitor what’s happening out in the valley!