Oxbow Farm

Four seasons of farm fun for schools and families!


Kids Farm Adventures for preschool – 5th grade
Pumpkin Package program for preschool – 5th grade
Organic Farming 101 for middle and high school
U-Pick Pumpkin Patch in Oxtober: Thursday 12 – 5; Friday – Sunday 10 – 5
Harvest HoeDown Festival on September 28th


Oxbow-In-School Visits for preschool – 5th grade


Kids Farm Adventures for preschool – 5th grade
Organic Farming 101 for middle and high school
Spring SowDown festival on May 4th


Farm & Forest Summer Camps in partnership with Wilderness Awareness School

Oxbow Community Camp for 7 – 12 year olds


Sarah & Roaring Mouse 3.1

Fall Farm Adventures

Fall Farm Adventures – September through mid-November

Who: Preschool – 5th grade.
When:  Monday – Friday; 9:30-10:45, 11:00-12:15; 12:30-1:45
What: These creative adventures open kids’ eyes, ears, noses, and taste buds to the magic of a real vegetable farm. Fall is ALL about the food. Adventurers will…

  • Learn about the six parts of a plant that we can eat
  • Hunt around the farm for edibles
  • Observe creepy critters and learn about soil
  • Explore the Children’s Garden & play games in our Living Playground
  • Take home a sugar pie pumpkin (with pie recipe card)! 

Cost: $140 for up to 20 students. For groups with more than 20 students, there is an additional charge of $7 per child.
To Register: To sign up, check out our CALENDAR

To give your students a sense of our farm, and get them excited about visiting Oxbow Farm and Education Center, check out our photo and video album!

SCHOLARSHIPS: If field trip costs pose a hardship, please contact us at education@oxbow.org for scholarship information.

Oxbow pumpkin in the field

Oxbow Pumpkin Package

YES, it is PUMPKIN SEASON!  …but where does your pumpkin ACTUALLY BEGIN? Not with the October Stork!

In this series of farm connections, we will trace the pumpkin back to its origins as a little tear-drop seed in the Spring, and witness the Pumpkin Circle come to life!  Your students get to see all the seasons of a farm through the lens of their pumpkin.

Your Pumpkin Package starts at Oxbow this autumn for a FALL FARM FORAGE:

Where you take the 6-Plant-Part Scavenger Hunt on the Kids Farm, choose your sugar pumpkins from our Pumpkin Patch, and haul back to class a BIG Jack o lantern and other farm bounty.

NEXT, an Oxbow Farmer comes to your classroom for a WINTER SEED CELEBRATION:

What happens to our pumpkins in winter?  They die, go back to the soil…but leave their SEEDS behind to grow for next year!  We will explore, snack on, and celebrate seeds, those little compact packages full of life and determination.

LASTLY, you re-visit Oxbow for a SPRING SOIL STUDY:

Here we are, the season where our pumpkins REALLY begin!  We will learn that soil ALSO EATS, and how best to feed it—through compost, with worms, by cover cropping.  We will take our seeds from last fall and plant them in this rich soil! And make some soil pots to take home our own starts.

Here’s the deal:

1 fall farm visit + 1 winter farmer visit = 50% off your spring farm visit

To register, check out our calendar!

Fabulous festival volunteers

Organic Farming 101

Who: Middle and High School Students

When: September 22 – November 14, Monday – Friday at 11:00

What: Oxbow Farmers give a mean “Organic Farming 101” course where students learn:

  • How organic farmers grow their soil, not their crops
  • Why we can’t grow bananas—and what we CAN grow!
  • Snakes, coyotes, worms, spiders, hawks—the OTHER farmers
  • Organic farming essentials: crop rotation and cover cropping
  • Fire, vacuums, and other organic farming techniques to keep pests away
  • The importance of native plants surrounding our farm fields
  • How can YOU eat more locally?—take the Oxbow Challenge!

Then we will WORK on seasonal farm jobs including weeding, planting, mulching, etc. to “keep it real”!

Please let us know if you would like a tailored Organic Farming 101 course to match your curriculum! In addition to the core topics you may include an emphasis in Social Justice, Environmental Conservation or Local & Organic Foods.

Cost: $100/hr for groups of up to 20, additional $5/student/hour charge after that. You may schedule a 1-3 hr tour.

To register: Contact us for registration details: Education@oxbow.org


Oxtober U-pick Pumpkin Patch

Oxbow’s most bountiful and beautiful season is fall. Join in the harvest season celebration with us! A real farm with real farm fun! Our pumpkin patch, as well as our Kids’ Farm, is open to visitors Thursday-Sunday this month!

Open hours in October: Thursdays, noon – 5pm. Fridays – Sundays, 10am – 5pm


What to do

Guided activities

  • Scavenger hunts for kids: Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 Farmers Sarah and Pat, Oxbow’s farm educators, will be leading educational scavenger hunts for kids around the Kids’ Farm. Kids of all ages (grownups too!) will explore the farm, learn about plants, and HARVEST directly from the fields! Scavenger hunts are $5 per kid. See below for more info
  • Cooking classes: Saturdays at 12:30 Join Oxbow’s nutritionist-in-residence, Farmer Cameron, in a cooking class and learn how to prepare Oxbow’s falltime veggies with a twist! Farmer Cameron is offering a different class each week. Classes are for ages 9-99. $10 per person. Class and registration information here
  • Hay rides: Every hour, on the half hour (10:30, 11:30, 12:30, etc.) Join one of Oxbow’s founding farmers, Farmer Luke, on a family-friendly hayride around the farm. See what vegetables are growing in our fields and learn about how we take care of the forest AND the river IN ADDITION to our plants

All-day attractions

  • U-pick pumpkins: Our pumpkin patch is overflowing with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! They are in the fields, recently cut from the vines, and waiting for you!
  • Picnic: Oxbow has several indoor and outdoor picnicking areas in and around the Kids’ Farm. Picnic tables are first come, first serve.
  • Kids’ Farm: The Kids’ Farm is Oxbow’s 1-acre educational farm. With all of the produce of the production farm (with waaaayyyy less stress), the Kids’ Farm is a perfect place for kids and adults to learn about the work we do. Take a walk through the 3 Sisters Path, test your plant-ID knowledge with our Guess the Veg signs, or simply walk around and imagine life as a farmer!
  • Living Playground: Oxbow’s living playground is an all-natural play area for kids with tunnels, domes, and a tee-pee covered in gourds, beans, hops and other greenery.
  • Climbing Tractor: Perhaps Oxbow’s most popular attraction, the Climbing Tractor is a REAL farm tractor that has been retired, repainted, and repurposed as a dream-come-true for kids big and small. Nothing compares to the feeling of sitting in the driver’s seat. Nothing.
  • House o’ Hay: ALWAYS a crowd-pleaser, the House o’ Hay is a castle built from straw bales, located inside of our greenhouse on the west end of the Kids’ Farm. This is our rainy day playhouse with indoor picnic tables, and enough nooks and crannies to keep kids happy for hours, nay, DAYS.
  • Pumpkin Sling King: Oxbow’s pumpkin sling-shot IS as fun as it sounds. It will excite your inner child and test your aim. Good luck hitting the targets!

What to Buy

Oxbow’s Farm Stand is open in conjunction with our Pumpkin Patch. We are selling many organic heirloom vegetable varieties in addition to, of course, our pumpkins:

  • Jack-o-lantern, sugar pie, cinderella, and other decorative varieties of pumpkin. We have thousands. Prices vary by type.
  • Unique and colorful strains of heirloom winter squash, as well as delicata, acorn, and spaghetti squash.
  • Indian Corn and POPCORN on the cob, grown on the Oxbow Kid’s Farm and SO DELICIOUS!
  • Oxbow seed packets—take-home and plant-yourself packets of certified Oxbow Farm sunflower, scarlet runner bean, and Dakota Black popcorn seeds.
  • Assorted other produce, depending on the harvest! Likely kale, rainbow chard, broccoli, beets, potatoes, leeks, and sweet peppers.
  • T-shirts! New this season, OFFICIAL Oxbow Farm “Eat More Carrots” shirts. Adult and kid sizes available.

Click here for directions to our farm

Future farming buddies

Farm Scavenger Hunts

Come on a 6 Plant-Part Scavenger Hunt at Oxbow’s Kid’s Farm!  We will taste our way through the fields, sampling the harvest’s finest and singing songs while we explore.

Drop-in tours are held during pumpkin season, every Saturdays and Sundays at 11 am in October. No need to preregister, but plan to arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts so you have plenty of time to park and walk into the farm.

$5 per child

So pack the kids and bring a picnic, and after your tour find a spot in the Children’s Garden for lunch at the farm.

Sarah & Roaring Mouse - hats

Spring farm adventures

Spring Farm Adventures - April through mid-June

Who: Preschool -5th grade.
When:  Monday – Friday; 9:30 am or 11:00 am.
What: These creative adventures open kids’ eyes, ears, noses, and taste buds to the magic of a real vegetable farm. Spring is all about planting and kids take home seedling.

  • Explore the Children’s Garden & play games in our Living Playground
  • Observe the creepy critters and learn about soil
  • Sow and snack on seeds
  • Sing songs and hear farm stories

Cost: $100 for up to 20 students. For groups with more than 20 students, there is an additional charge of $5 per child.

To Register: To sign up check out our CALENDAR

To give your students a sense of our farm, and get them excited about visiting Oxbow Farm and Education Center, check out our photo and video album!

SCHOLARSHIPS: If field trip costs pose a hardship, please contact us at education@oxbow.org for scholarship information.

Little sprouts planting starts

Oxbow in-School Visits

November through April

Who: All programs are appropriate for preschool – 5th grade; up to 30 students
When: Thursdays – Fridays; 45 – 50 minutes
What: We offer a range of topics, see below!
Cost: Each lesson is $140; two or more consecutive programs are $100 each
To Register: To sign up check out our CALENDAR and let us know what topic you want to learn about



  • “Wonder Worms!” – What makes healthy soil? We explore soil, worms and their role, look at worm anatomy, and play with them in the worm bin.
  • “Grow Garbage into Gardens” – Decomposition, compost, recycle, grown food!
  • “Seeds Feed Me” – Are seeds only for planting? NO! You eat seeds every day! We will explore seeds, play seed games, eat some, and grow some too.
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Oxbow summer campers

Summer Camps

Oxbow Community Camp

NEW THIS YEAR: For our wonderful Oxbow Community of friends, valley neighbors and CSA members we offer a very special Oxbow Camp week.

Who: Ages: 7 – 12
When: July 21 – 25, 9am – 3pm
What: Camp theme: “Share the Peas!”

Join us in the first annual Oxbow Community Camp just for friends of the farm. As usual, kids will crunch around on roots in boots and munch for lunch on fruits and shoots! But Oxbow’s Community Camp is special–in addition to the usual farm fun n’ games, we will work together to enliven the spirit of “philanthro-pea” in spreading summertime love-and produce-to our friends in need in the community. Kids will learn about gleaning, harvest for the Food Bank, and help spread the bounty from Oxbow to those who need it most.

Come on down to the farm this summer and help us show our neighbors the REAL meaning of TLC…Tender love and carrots!

Cost: $275
To register: email us at education@oxbow.org


Want to get a feel for summer camps at Oxbow? Check out this video.

Farm and Forest Camps

Oxbow Farm is partnering with Wilderness Awareness School to offer Farm and Forest Camps! During this week of daily adventures your child will explore the edge where Farm and Forest meet. In addition to WAS’s unique day camp experience learning about plants, mammals, tracking, birds and survival skills…we’re down on the farm!

Who: Ages 4 – 12
When: Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm (4-6 year olds); 9am – 3pm (6 – 12 year olds)
What: Kids will dig roots and pick fruits, save, sow, and snack on seeds. They will make their own sun tea, fresh fruit popsicles, and farm burritos. Each day we enjoy storytelling, songs, crafts, and learning about surrounding food, farm and forest life.
Cost: $185 half-day camp, $325 full day camp
To Register: Click the “Register” button below

Register Here
Kids Club Out to Pasture (300x224)

Oxbow Kids Club

Farmer Sarah leads monthly activities with the Kids Club

Who: Kids ages 6 – 12
When: Second Saturday of the month, May – October; 10am – noon
What: The schedule follows!
Cost: $105; includes Kids Club t-shirt and jack -o-lantern; siblings get 10% off
Bonus! Kids Club members and their families are invited to celebrate the harvest season at our private Harvest Party on Saturday, September 27th from noon – 5pm.



  • May 10th: Adopt your pumpkin seedling and meet your farm!
  • June 14th: Visit your pumpkin seedlings in the pumpkin patch and play in the Kids’ Farm
  • July 12th: Come meet the 3 Sisters & hide out in the Creepy Tepee
  • August 9th: Water our thirsty plants, scratch names in plump pumpkins, jump through sprinklers
  • September 13th: Go on a 6-plant-part scavenger hunt through the farm fields
  • October 11th: Close the season with farmer Sarah, claim your personal pumpkin, and play in the pumpkin patch


Membership is limited to 25 kids so sign up today! Email us at education@oxbow.org.

What To Expect While At Oxbow


Just like life on the farm, tours take place RAIN AND SHINE! Come prepared for any weather and expect to get dirty! We recommend mud boots, rain coat and a sun/rain hat. In case of heavy downpour we do have shelter in our greenhouse where we can continue our adventure.

Please remember that you will be visiting a working farm. If you have severe allergies to grass, hay, or bees please come prepared.

Picnicking before or after your tour? Please do! We have 4 picnic tables on the lawn for snacking or picnicking. You will need to carry in your lunches from the parking lot, or choose a designated car to shuttle them in. Please pack out all garbage.

Please be on time! If you are late we will have to shorten your tour to keep on schedule. It’s best to plan on arriving 5-10 minutes early. A tour runs best when there is one adult for every 5 children. Adults get to help harvest!