Fall Season: Building Connections

fall leaf iconThe Fall Season is dedicated to building connections between the students, Oxbow farmers, indoor & outdoor learning, and nature. The very first encounter is guided by the learning theme, “Farmers can be your teachers and nature can be your classroom.” It includes a community contract to set expectations for learning with Oxbow, and an activity where students define nature as a place where learning can happen. Setting a community contract can take several forms, but is an essential best practice for successful learning and teaching outdoors.

Downloadable lesson plans and video resources are below.

Download a PDF of the Fall Season Overview

Linking Lesson: Pre-September Activity Me & My Veggie


CommuniTree contract for setting group expectations

Lesson: Inside Outside In Between 

Lesson theme: Nature can be your classroom and farmers can be your teachers!

Linking Lesson: Pre-October Activity What is Nature?


On-Farm Field Trip: Fall Farm Adventure

Lesson theme: In the fall, we can discover six plant parts that all work together to make energy!


Lesson: What makes up the soil?

Lesson theme: The soil is alive!


Linking Lesson: Post-November Activity Explore the Soil at School


Meet the Farmers [YouTube], September 2017

Welcome to Your Fall Field Trip [YouTube], October 2017