U-Pick at Oxbow

Oxbow offers U-Pick opportunities for our Members and CSA Shareholders throughout the growing season. U-Pick fruit and veggies are available at special pricing per pound, and flowers and herbs are FREE!

U-Pick is NOT open to the general public – you must be a Member or CSA Shareholder to take advantage of our exclusive U-Pick areas. 

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U-Pick is a great time for the whole family!

About U-Pick

U-Pick gives Members and CSA Shareholders the freedom to pick their own vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs at Oxbow during designated U-Pick times. Your weekly Member/CSA Shareholder newsletter will highlight what’s ripe and ready to pick. 

If you are a CSA Shareholder: U-Pick is open during your Wednesday pick-up time from 3PM-7PM from 6/26/19 through 11/6/19 and on Oxbow Saturdays.

If you are an Oxbow Member: U-Pick is open during Oxbow Saturdays

All U-Pick produce is subject to seasonality and availability. When harvesting from the fields, we ask that you pick only what’s ripe and ready for harvest. Our farmers will be on hand to help! See downloadable U-Pick guidelines and seasonality chart below.

U-Pick Guidelines

Kids of all ages are welcome in the U-Pick fields. Please leave your pets at home, though. You’ll be harvesting on a working organic farm, and with the exception of registered service animals, dogs are NOT permitted anywhere on the property, including in the parking lot.

Download our handy U-Pick Guidelines and seasonality chart here [PDF]


U-Pick fruit and veggies will be available at a special Member/Shareholder rates which will be advertised at the Farm Stand. Be sure to check out our availability board when you arrive! Members receive a 10% discount, in addition to the special Member rate.

For CSA Shareholders, U-Pick items will be deducted from your CSA account balance, just like all other produce selected as part of your weekly Share.

Herbs and flowers are FREE and unlimited*!

*Unlimited free flowers and herbs are for personal use only. If you need to harvest bulk quantities of herbs or flowers for commercial use or large events, please contact our Farm Sales department at farmers@oxbow.org or call 425-788-1134 x 2 to make arrangements. 

Anticipated Produce, Herbs, and Flowers

Veggies: Sugar snap peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes

Fruit and berries: Raspberries, apples, pears, plums, and grapes

Herbs: Cilantro, basil, dill, parsley

Flowers: Sunflowers, zinnia, marigolds, and more!

Is it a basket? Is it a bucket? Nope, it’s a busket!

U-Pick Containers

All Members/Shareholders will receive their own “busket” (it’s a basket and a bucket all in one!) for harvesting produce. Please DO NOT dispose of your busket! You’ll be able to re-use it throughout the season. We cannot store your buskets at Oxbow, so please take it home, give it a wash, and label it with your name for future use.

For more delicate items like raspberries, we’ll provide pint baskets. For flowers and herbs, we’ll have gallon buckets available to borrow and pick into, and we’ll provide pruners to cut stems.

You are highly encouraged to bring your own additional reusable tote bags or containers from home. We will have a very limited supply of take-home boxes/bags available for a small fee if you forget your containers or your busket at home.

U-Pick Tips

Questions about U-Pick? Contact us at farmers@oxbow.org or call 425-788-1134 for assistance.